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Express Rates

Cargo expert provides rates for all of your shipping needs. Our Rates are very economical and affordable. We believe firmly that customers should get quality services for very reasonable rates which are within reach for every individual.

Our expertise in this field let us offer very cost effective solution for all our services. All our services (Import and Export) which includes consists of large container shipping, Air Freight, Road Freight is been provided keeping the rates very nominal and within reach for every individual. We only charge nominal rates for our services. We have different rates for our various branches of services.  This includes

  • Air Freight Rates
  • Express Rates
  • European Rates

Air Freight Rates:

Our air freight rates are calculated based on special tariffs we receive from leading airlines. At Cargo Expert we like to find you the best rates possible. From time to time we may have special offers or rates available which will provide you with further discounts on shipments.

In today’s competitive market we try to keep our air freight rates as low as possible so that our customers can get full benefits for very low prices and quality services.

One can easily get a free quotation online from us. This will also allow you to compare the different rates available based on the different airlines and service available in your country of destination. Accordingly you can make your choices based on your needs. 

Express Rates:

Cargo expert has wide range of services for Express Services. They are, Air Express Export, Air Express Import and Road Express

Express rates are being divided accordingly to our different branches of services that come under it. Our express rates are very economical and affordable in the current market. You can get a free online quote from us 24/7 regarding express rates. Cargo Expert has a specialized team of efficient handlers who know their jobs well and understand the client’s needs.

European rates:

Europe is very well connected by roads. So Road Freight is a very good solution for all your export and import needs within the Europe. The European road transport service covers almost the whole of Western Europe. There is an uninterrupted haulage service across Switzerland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain and other countries. Sometimes, network partners and associates are also called in to ensure a seamless service. Since there is no Customs Restriction across European Union countries, door to door deliveries are now very economical too. Cost curtailing can further be done if palletized freight services are used for distribution, provided there is not much hurry, as this service is slower than the door to door one.

  • India £5.00 / Kg
  • India £5.00 / Kg
  • USA £5.00 / Kg
  • Canada £5.00 / Kg
  • Pakistan £5.00 / Kg
  • Australia £5.00 / Kg
  • Amsterdam £5.00 / Kg

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