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Destination Notes

As Europe's largest independent baggage shipping company, Excess Baggage has the skills and experience to forward your belongings - safely and securely - to almost anywhere in the world. Established 24 years ago, our service covers 300 countries and territories - using air freight, sea freight and road freight to deliver to more than 25,000 destinations. All your baggage shipping requirements are handled smoothly and efficiently - from collection and freighting to customs clearance and delivery.

International Shipping by sea or air

With Excess Baggage you can choose to send your belongings by sea or air, and - in the case of some European destinations - by road. Under some circumstances it is more cost-effective to use air freight, even for large quantities. Sea freight and road freight charges are determined by volume (the space taken up by the baggage you are shipping), while air freight rates are based on size or weight - whichever is the greater.

Door to Door Service

Excess Baggage handles everything for you - from the time we collect your baggage to its arrival at your chosen destination. Our charges include customs clearance, terminal fees, and local delivery costs to shipping addresses in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore - among others. Where they are applicable, quarantine clearance or customs inspection charges, customs duties and taxes are not included. Our door to door rates apply to a wide selection of destinations worldwide.

Door to Port Service

Our door to port baggage shipping service allows you to collect your shipment on its arrival at the destination terminal. In most cases, as the owner/sender, you will need to collect the baggage personally, clear it through customs and settle any terminal charges, customs duty, local tax or wharfage fees - including, where applicable, New Zealand/Australia quarantine fees.

  • India £5.00 / Kg
  • India £5.00 / Kg
  • USA £5.00 / Kg
  • Canada £5.00 / Kg
  • Pakistan £5.00 / Kg
  • Australia £5.00 / Kg
  • Amsterdam £5.00 / Kg

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