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Excess Baggage

Over the last five years, many domestic and international airlines have raised their luggage fares making it increasingly difficult for passengers to take extra luggage with them without having to pay extortionate prices.

Cargo Expert is an independent baggage shipping company. We are specialists in the art of excess baggage shipping and we continually strive to fulfil these objectives. We can assure you of a reliable, rapid and flexible personal service that will encompass all of your luggage shipping  needs

We here at Cargo Expert  specializes in Excess baggage services or luggage/ Unaccompanied Baggage through its Cargo & Courier services  to any destination worldwide. The excess baggage shipping department at Cargo Expert  specialises in low cost excess baggage shipping and international excess luggage shipping

Cargo Expert provides a competitive solution for the discerning traveler with a range of excess baggage services, tailored to your budget and travel plans. When you're shipping excess baggage abroad, Cargo Expert will ensure that your possessions are delivered on time and in perfect condition.

Cargo Expert cater to send your extra or excess baggage to any global desinations. With decades of experience Cargo Expert  ensure extra baggage, luggage and bags are delivered on time and in perfect condition, anywhere in the world without high charges.

Cargo Expert provide three type of services in Excess Bagagge service's:

  1. Door to Airport
  2. Airport to Airport
  3. Door to Door (India Only)


Door to Airport :

For efficient and reliable Door to Airport 'Excess Baggage' services, trust Cargo Expert. Count on us for fast, dedicated transport of packages from origin to the destination Airport.

Our door to airport baggage shipping service allows you to collect your shipment on its arrival at the destination terminal .From your premises to where it needs to be, we'll manage your shipment every step of the way. Including the planning of the most reliable and direct route to the destination airport

Airport to Airport:

Cargo Expert can ship both excess luggage & excess baggage from Airport to Airport. It is a hassle free service where we ship your baggage between any Airport of your choice in UK to any airport in the world.

Our service gives people the opportunity to send their extra baggage that they wouldn't normally carry along. We comply strictly to customs clearance and airport regulations. Our team works exclusively with travellers carrying accepted or permitted items to customs controlled airports and specified entry points

Door to Door (India Only):

We here at Cargo Expert offers door to door Excess Baggage services at very reasonable low cost. From collection to delivery at your destination address.

We take care of everything, including customs Cargo Expert 's door to door Baggage sevice rates are remarkably competitive. They cover not only customs clearance and terminal charges but also local delivery fees to addresses.

Simply ask for more information, plus full details of excluded charges, including customs and quarantine inspections, cargo dues, examinations, destination X-ray fees, import duties and sales taxes.

  • India £5.00 / Kg
  • India £5.00 / Kg
  • USA £5.00 / Kg
  • Canada £5.00 / Kg
  • Pakistan £5.00 / Kg
  • Australia £5.00 / Kg
  • Amsterdam £5.00 / Kg

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