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Express Rates

Cargo expert has wide range of services for Express Services. They are, Air Express Export, Air Express Import and Road Express

Express rates are being divided accordingly to our different branches of services that come under it. Our express rates are very economical and affordable in the current market. You can get a free online quote from us 24/7 regarding express rates. Cargo Expert has a specialized team of efficient handlers who know their jobs well and understand the client’s needs.

The Express Rates of Cargo Expert keep changing according to the amendments to rates and schedules that occur during the month. To get the most up to date information on our services, rate, and changes to fuel surcharges etc, the best option is to use “quote and book”. This would give the correct rate on that day. Air freight is charged per kilogram- that is weight or volume whichever is more is known as chargeable weight.
Our Express services rates are divided in to three categories:

  • Air Express Export Rates
  • Express Road Rates
  • Express Import Rates

Cargo Expert and similar service providers always quote a very competitive rate and therefore, the best service is made available at the cheapest price. In order to get the rates, all that is needed to be done is provide all the details of the shipper and the consignee, nature and declared value of the cargo, number of the pellets that may be needed and the type of the service required, like same day delivery or overnight or three-day service etc. One thing is for sure, the customer would definitely get the value for money service, that too at a cheap price.

The Following are the facilities provided by Cargo Expert for Express Services

  • Third party collection is provided from the customer’s end so that transit time is reduced.
  • Cargo is collected from all around UK for international and domestic deliveries.
  • The process of getting great quotes is easy through online methods and booking is just a mouse click away.
  • The cargo can be tracked and traced in real time, which relieves all the tensions of losing it midway.
  • If anybody needs expert guidance, there is the process of live chat.
  • Any customers can opt for Insurance of his cargo.

If the client chooses Express Road Freight he has the options to book full load trailers or part load trailers. Both of these are door-to-door services. As for the cost, road freight is always the cheapest option provided the shipper and the consignee are connected by drivable roads. If it is continental Europe, the highways are of the best standard facilitating easy vehicle movement

  • India £5.00 / Kg
  • India £5.00 / Kg
  • USA £5.00 / Kg
  • Canada £5.00 / Kg
  • Pakistan £5.00 / Kg
  • Australia £5.00 / Kg
  • Amsterdam £5.00 / Kg

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